2024–2025 Estamos Unidos de Pennsylvania Scholarship deadline is July 31. Your application and ALL supporting materials must be submitted TOGETHER and postmarked NO LATER than JULY 31, 2024
Scholarship Program

In 2002, Estamos Unidos de Pennsylvania began as a Latino/Hispanic community-based group of volunteers from the Harrisburg area. Our goal was to support and encourage Latino/Hispanic students who live in PA in three main areas: Cultural Heritage, Educational Advancement, and Mentoring Programs. Today our mission is to offer the Latino/Hispanic community avenues to advance, enrich, and better our lives through education, leadership, and social skills. In addition, we provide cultural awareness through the arts, traditions, and family values and assist the community, especially our Latino/Hispanic students through the integration process into the community at large. 

Purpose of our Scholarship

The EUP Scholarship for undergraduate Latino/Hispanic students who qualify has been established to motivate and support talented Latino/Hispanic students, who are American citizens or permanent legal non-citizens that RESIDE in the state of Pennsylvania, and who aspire or are working to achieve a technical, vocational, or college undergraduate education.

*Non-traditional student: An adult or non-traditional student is not defined only by age (usually over 24); they are also students with life circumstances different from the typical traditional student. What makes adult students unique from other students and like each other is the multiple roles they assume to attend college.

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Since 2002, we have provided over $100,000 in scholarship monies supporting more than 100 students across all disciplines, including medicine, business, law, marketing, journalism, international relations, tourism, and liberal arts to name a few.

Estamos Unidos typically request support from our business and community partners. Any contributions and/or donations are greatly appreciated.