Would you like to be one of our caring sponsors?

Since 2002, EUP has provided outreach and services to over 20,000 families in this community alone! This was accomplished by the ongoing hard work of the 500+ faithful EUP volunteers and 70+ partnered local, regional/district, and statewide businesses that support EUP’s mission, goals, and objectives!
EUP also has provided over $100,000 in scholarship monies supporting more than 100 students across all disciplines, including medicine, business, law, marketing, journalism, international relations, tourism, and liberal arts to name a few. 

We offer several events throughout the year and have different packages for sponsorship. You can choose how you would like to participate and help EUP in making our communities stronger! Your sponsorship will enable EUP to promote higher education by offering scholarships to students of diverse backgrounds. Education is one of the vehicles we use to break the poverty cycle.

  • Scholarship Fundraiser
  • Summer Camp Program
  • Summer Multicultural Picnic
  • Latino Gala
  • Improving our Education
  • Latino Reaffirmation Day
  • Children’s Christmas Party